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Project background and objectives

The idea behind the "Lost in Cyber World" project evolved from experience collated over the past four years in the IN VIA advice centre for women affected by human trafficking. Human traffickers increasingly recruit their victims over the Internet. In chat rooms and Web forums, perpetrators hold out the prospect of attractive jobs or lure young women with marriage proposals or friendship requests. Increasingly, young German women and children are also affected.
Running from February 2010 to January 2012, this project focuses on the development of preventive measures for sensitising and protecting against dangerous encounters on the Internet. One of the objectives of the project is to provide information on the dangers and risks harboured by the Internet while broaching the issue of problematic online behaviour practised by adolescents among their peers.
This project involves five European non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which have been fighting against trafficking in women for years. The information and training materials developed within the framework of this project are to be distributed by the international networks against human trafficking, Coatnet and La Strada, and/or made available to other European organisations for their preventive work with young people.

Project objectives

Over the course of the project, information and training material is to be developed to sensitise and inform parents, children and adolescents as regards the dangers and risks associated with chat rooms.

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Lost in Cyber World is a project by IN VIA Katholische Mädchensozialarbeit für das Erzbistum Berlin e.V.