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Happy Slapping

This describes an intentional act of violence filmed and shared by the perpetrators. The victim is usually both physically and psychologically inferior. Violent situations are instigated and recorded on mobile phones. Recordings are shared among mobiles or through the Internet, published on student homepages or simply printed and passed from one person to another. Happy slapping often takes place in close social environments such as school. It usually involves adolescents aged 14 to 17. The number of adolescents who have been victims of happy slapping has not been statistically recorded and is practically impossible to calculate. After all, victims fail to report perpetrators out of shame and/or fear of reprisal.

Legal possibilities of criminal prosecution associated
with happy slapping:

As an intentional act of violence, happy slapping is an offence which can be prosecuted in Germany. Indications of individual criminal offences:

By persons who take action against victims:

By persons filming and/or distributing the offence:

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