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Cyber grooming

In chat rooms, strangers can be contacted at a click of the mouse and new chat room forums such as Chatroulette enable a practically unlimited number of contacts to entire strangers.

Online networks can be searched for member profiles where children and adolescents supply lots of personal information on their lives and environments. Potential perpetrators thereby obtain an opportunity to get to know the child or adolescent better and try to use this knowledge when responding to needs expressed.

Cyber grooming is involved when the perpetrator takes advantage of the trust developed to convince the child or adolescent to watch sexual acts performed by the perpetrator in front of the camera or to convince the child or adolescent to engage in sexual conduct in front of the camera or to agree to meet in real life where sexual abuse can be the result.

Sexting refers to the phenomenon of taking nude photos of oneself and sharing them via Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS). The word represents a combination of Sex and Texting. Sexting is involved when adolescents send sexually uninhibited photos of themselves as attachments to usually erotic text messages.

Legal possibilities of criminal prosecution:

Criminal instruments against the sexual exploitation of children can include

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